WSOP 2022: The largest poker series ever

The WSOP 2022 series has just ended with enormous figures. Below you can find the most interesting ones of it.

1. The event

The live WSOP 2022 series was held between May 31 and July 20. The first interesting thing is that it was held in a new venue called Bally’s Lass Vegas Casino, which was rebranded and renovated for the WSOP 2022 series this spring. The hotel changed its name to a brand new one – Horseshoe Casino.

2. The figures

We can definitely say that this year of the WSOP series will be one of the best in terms of figures for sure.

In terms of prize money this 53rd Annual World Series of Poker awarded a monstrous $333,362,004 in prize money that is beating the previous record which was attained in 2019 by nearly $50 million (!). This jaw-dropping figure was reached in 88 live bracelet events.

Regarding the live bracelet this is a really huge number thereof however, it was introduced by the organizers that besides the live bracelet events there were held 13 more online bracelet event, However, it shall be noted that to these online bracelet events only players from New Jersey and Nevada were eligible to access. Therefore, of course, the prize pool and the entrants were not so high as in the live event however, there were still really good figures in both respect ($13,017,963 in prize money and 15,767 of entrants).

The series drew 182,662 entrants — that is over 50% more than the previous 2021 series which was hit by the COVID pandemic. Moreover, the WSOP 2022 Main Event - itself - pulled in 8,663 entrants for a prize pool of $80,782,475 in total.

In terms of buy-ins this year represents a high-end with an average amount of $11,000.

According to one of the chief official of World Series of Poker this 2022 year was a historic one for the series and was a real specialty for the poker community as well.

Below you can find the raw numbers of the WSOP 2022:

WSOP 2022 Live Series Stats

  • Live Bracelets: 88
  • Prize Pool Awarded: $333,362,004
  • Avg Prize Pool: $3,788,205
  • Total Entries: 182,662
  • Avg Entries: 2076
  • Avg Buy-in: $11,156
  • Fees Collected: $31,543,560

Furthermore, there are some more interesting figures that makes this year WSOP really special:

  • this was the first time that the total prize pool surpassed $300,000,000;
  • 25 players became millionaires during this series in 2022; and
  • 71 out of the 88 live bracelet events produced a prize pools of at least $1 million.

3. Winner

Probably the last thing what remains is who is the lucky (and pro) enough to be the winner of this magnificent event. This poker player is Espen Jorstad of Norway who won the 2022 World Series of Poker Main Event. On the way of doing so, he defeated Australia's Adrian Attenborough duelling the heads-up of the series. By being the winner, Jorstad took home a prize of $10 million. To reach that monumental achievement he needed to outlast 8,662 (!) other player.

All the above are true examples that this event will (or probably already) have a page in the history book of poker.

If you like to participate in the WSOP event, you do not have to wait a year. The WSOP online series will be held at GGPoker from the 14th of August to the 27th of September with a 33 bracelet event. If you do not have a GGPoker account, you can create one via