WSOPE Main Event - the underdog takes it down

Former ecomomics teacher from Spain, Marti De Roca Torres took down WSOPE Main Event for €1,115,207. The 36 year-old teacher turned pokerpro qualified to the €10,350 event winning a €220 online satellite.

Marti Roca De Torres with the bracelet

Six players returned to the last day of the WSOP Europe Main Event taking place in King's Casino Rozvadov. Before they sat down Maria Ho had the chiplead, with De Torres following closely, while €25,000 High Roller event champion Niall Farrell was also in the field.

Seat 1. Niall Farrell - 3.025.000 (30 bb)
Seat 2. Gianluca Speranza - 4.400.000 (40 bb)
Seat 3. Maria Ho - 7.830.000 (78 bb)
Seat 4. Robert Bickley - 1.085.000 (11 bb)
Seat 5. Mathijs Jonkers - 2.785.000 (28 bb)
Seat 6. Marti Roca De Torres - 7.260.000 (72 bb)

The game kicked off on the blind level of 50,000/100,000/15,000. Robert Bickley managed to double up in the very first hand when his ace-queen offsuit held against the king-jack suited of Marti's. On the 29th blind level (60,000/120,000/20,000) Farrell doubled on Ho shortly before Bickley doubled on De Torres again. Despite of losing two all-in hands Marti managed to dominate the table, increasing his stack rapidly. Earlier chipleader now short stack Maria Ho shoved all of her 1,260,000 chips in the middle from early position, Torres took some time in the small blind before calling and Farrell from the big blind decided to come over the top with his 6,860,000. Holding pocket rockets De Torres snapcalled.

De Torres: Ah Ac
Farrell:      Kd Kc
Ho:           As Jd

Niall's "Holy shit" summed up the situation rather accurately, but he quickly changed his vibes with his "Rozvadov baby, let's go" exclamation. However, the board didn't change anything and Marti scooped a huge pot.

Board: 9d 6c 3d 9c 8c

Niall "firaldo87" Farrell

With this fortunate hand the Spanish increased his stack to 17,175,000 while Speranza in the 2nd place only had 3,710,000. Although it looked like Marti can shut down the play fast, things have changed and the stacks became pretty even.

Robert Bickley - 7,915,000
Marti Roca De Torres - 7,065,000
Gianluca Speranza - 5,790,000
Mathijs Jonkers - 5,665,000

On the 32nd level (120,000/240,000/40,000) Bickley busted. He put his remaining 2,230,000 in the middle from the small blind holding deuce-three offsuit and got snapcalled by the Ace-seven suited of Jonkers'. Mathijs' hand managed to hold and Robert was out in 4th place. The next player to bust was Jonkers when his Ace-seven offsuit couldn't manage to beat the Ace-ten suited of Speranza's. The heads up began with Speranza holding a commanding chiplead.

Gianluca Speranza - 19,950,000
Marti Roca De Torres - 6,500,000

The Spanish managed to build back his stack to 12,725,000 and decided to move in with pocket fives. Speranza called.

De Torres: 5c 5s
Speranza: Ac Jd

On the flop of Ah 9d 3c it looked like Speranza locked up the win but on the 5h turn he went from heaven to hell already drawing dead before the river card. He only had 775,000 chips left and moved in in the very next hand. De Torres quickly called.

Gianluca Speranza:    Ts 8d
Marti Roca De Torres: Qh 5d

Board: Ks 5h 4h Ad 3s

The highs and lows of the game

Speranza eliminated in 2nd place for €689,246. Online qualifier from Spain, Marti Roca De Torres claimed the title, €1,115,207 and the bracelet.


Final results:

Marti Roca De Torres €1,115,207
Gianluca Speranza €689,246
Mathijs Jonkers €476,585
Robert Bickley €335,089
Niall Farrell €239,639
Maria Ho €174,365