Funny Poker Video Ads - Sure to tickle the funny bone!

Here I found a collection of some of my favorite funny poker-related videos and ads. Check them out and enjoy!

To begin with, let’s start with a Full Tilt Poker classic, starring Phil Ivey. A surprise awaits Phil when he gets home. Full Tilt made several similar ads based around the theme ‘One of the best poker faces in the world’.


Juanda in the lift.


Erik Seidel and the pursuer - Is your daughter home? Let’s see Erik Seidel’s reaction when he meets his daughter’s date!


Let’s break Full Tilt Poker’s dominance and see what PartyPoker has in store when it comes to ads. 


 Based on sexuality, of course…


Here’s one of my favorites. Feel young again!


A sticky situation involving the wife and the new colleague. Wouldn’t like to be in his shoes now.


Bad poker face? Doesn’t matter if you play online... 


Here’s one for dog lovers from PartyPoker.


Watch this hilarious ad. Don’t have anyone to play with? Try PartyPoker!


This next one is off the hook! Watch your poker face! Smile


Here’s another one before we finish with the Party Poker ads.


Let’s now have a look at two of Everest Poker’s ads.



Maybe a lot of you do not even remember the name of ther room behind this ad (Poker Room), but I am sure, this ad is one of the most known poker ad. Russian roulette... Has to be seen!