Victorian Star Wars Paintings

Before you read further: this doesn’t have the faintest thing to do with poker. It just so happens that I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I couldn’t possibly pass it by.

Darth Vader Victorian

On the LA Weekly blog, Gendy Alimurung published a post on Pixar technical director Greg Peltz’ Victorian-style Star Wars paintings created using Photoshop.

Want to see Jabba the Hutt as a robber baron? Darth Vader as a Civil War officer? Or Chewbacca with the eyeglass? If you’re also interested in some question answered by the author himself, this post is a must! Read it here.

Anyway, for your amusement, provided you haven’t yet stumbled upon it, here is some SW that IS related to poker. Pure awesomeness.

Star Wars Poker Set

Star Wars Poker Cards

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