‘jungleman12’ – the Next to Take the Durrrr Challenge?

Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan is once again in action on Full Tilt Poker. During one of his sessions (which ended with ‘jungleman12’ making ‘durrrr’ $154K shorter), durrrr invited jungleman12 to take the Durrrr Challenge.

durrrr vs jungleman

The Durrrr Challenge is a unique opportunity for poker players to go heads-up against durrrr at four tables simultaneously for 50,000 hands. When the 50K hands have been played, whoever is up, wins the challenge. If the winner turns out to be durrrr, he keeps the money won during the challenge and takes another $500K from the challenger. If, however, the challenger wins, he keeps his winnings, and durrrr tops it with $1.5 million.

Although this sounds like a very tempting offer, durrrr is obviously quite hard to beat on the long run, and, as we can see if we follow Patrik Antonius, the current challenger’s progress, even the witty poker pros can have difficulties beating durrrr.

‘jungleman12’, however, has already managed several times to win some money from Dwan. Probably this is the reason why, after a current session played by durrrr and jungleman, durrrr proposed to him to take the challenge. ‘jungleman12’ seemed to be keen to take the offer.

You can read their short post-game chat below:

durrrr: ok gg
jungleman12: gg
durrrr: y dont u take challenge
durrrr: since u never lose to me
jungleman12: i will prob
jungleman12: maybe
jungleman12: isnt bt next or something?
durrrr: i can do 2 at once
durrrr: ship ivey 500k n we will work out details
durrrr: get my aim from someone
jungleman12: ok
durrrr: i wanna crank out at least 2 of em before london if poss
jungleman12: ill talk to you over aim before doing it
durrrr: we could obv play in like 2 weeks
jungleman12: k
durrrr: kk gg
durrrr: gl

Although the challenge with Patrik Antonius is not yet officially over (running for over a year, they have played 38,000 hands out of the 50,000) and the next challenger is said to be Brian Townsend, Tom Dwan says he would be happy to take two at a time.