888poker iPad App Sharpens Your Game

The 888poker iPad App Fast-Tracks your Poker Game!

888 Poker iPad App

The focus of the 888poker iPad App is mobile poker gaming par excellence. Now players can enjoy top-notch poker games on their iPad.

iPad Poker gaming is experiencing a groundswell of support from players the world over. Top-tier mobile poker is the order of the day and 888poker has developed a software platform to enhance your enjoyment of iPad poker play.

888poker Mobile HD was developed by the world’s top online poker room – 888poker.  The 888poker App is available to all iPad users FREE OF CHARGE!  With a UK iTunes account, you can easily download the 888poker App in store and quick-start your iPad poker experience!

Mobile players are excited about the news that 888poker is burning the candle at both ends to develop an iPhone poker App.  This is sure to spark lots of interest from iPhone gamers everywhere!

Variety of Choices with 888poker Mobile HD

The technologically advanced 888poker App runs on a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.  Options abound with the new App.  Players choose either a six-seater or nine-seater cash game.  A few of the poker variations found on the 888poker App are Pot Limit (PL), Fixed Limit (FL) and No Limit (NL) games.

Two Lobbies for an Exciting Poker Experience

In 2012, 888poker introduced its groundbreaking Android Version.  The focus of Android is easy usage for new players. That same innovative flair was brought to the fore with 888poker Mobile HD. With this focus in mind, 888poker created two separate lobbies. 

For those who are new to the game, a Beginners Lobby was developed.  The main purpose of the Beginners Lobby is to open the world of poker quickly and easily to all new players.  For the poker enthusiasts who are drawn to cash games, The Cash Lobby provides flexibility in regard to wagering choices with wide-ranging stakes.  Other key options include table types and game types.  The 888poker iPad App offers bets that start at $0.03/$0.06 and increase to $3/$6.

888poker Mobile HD Answers the Call for Tournaments

Sit N Go (SNGs) tournaments are among the most exciting formats of poker.  The 888poker App offers daily SNGs with Texas Hold’em No Limit (NL) and 15 x guaranteed Omaha Pot Limit (PL) tournaments.  To facilitate easy use of the new App, 888poker has devised a system whereby a regular 888poker account username/password are also used for iPad poker gaming. 

As a bonus, gamers are provided with a generous $8 of FREE CREDITS to get started with exciting poker games on their iPad through 888poker Mobile HD.  This pulls less cash from your pocket for greater poker enjoyment!