American HS Pros in Budapest - A Video Interview

Reese Newell, Michael Leow, Michael Song, Kurt Fruchtman and recent WCOOP champion Michael ‘mrw8419’ Weisbrod are highs stakes pro players from the United States, now residing in Budapest, Hungary. Watch our video interview with the guys here!

American Pros in Hungary

In this years’ WCOOP, a “Hungarian” player, ‘mrw8419’ took down the #21 $215 NLHE Event, besting 8,226 players. Following a deal in the 4-handed phase, ‘mrw8419’ added $164,619 to his bankroll.

The IP address was indeed Hungarian, but not the player under the screen name: he is, in fact, one of the US high stakes pros moving to Hungary after Black Friday, Michael Weisbrod. In the company of a handful of other high stakes players, Weisbrod rents a flat in Budapest, beating the game from the Hungarian capital.

Our team at and did their research and contacted the guys from the US to ask why they chose Hungary as their new home, how they live and how they like it in the Central-European country. Reese Newell, Michael Leow, Michael Song, Kurt Fruchtman and Michael Weisbrod were happy to answer.

Click to see the video interview with the five mid- and high stakes regulars, primarily playing HU, here.