Bargain of the Month: Buy an Island with Fitting Boat

If you can't decide how to spend your well-earned millions of poker dollars, well I have some great ideas for you. Cars are oldschool now, why not buy land? I inside a lake or an ocean.

It's more popular among high rollers to buy a very own island than you would think. Many actors and actresses have their very own retreats surrounded by lots of water. Want to join the club that includes names like Johnny Depp, John Lennon, Marlon Brando, Mel Gibson, Leo DiCaprio, Eddie Murphy, Celine Dion, Michael Schumacher etc.? All you have to do is buy an island.

johhny depp island
Johnny Depp's private island

There is one for sale actually, it's close to Vancouver and Seattle, called Vendovi Island. With 6 beaches, 8 miles (13kms) of shore, a dock and a huge villa, it is one hell of a retreat.

Vendovi Island for sale

You can buy a boat to go back and forth between the mainland and your island in style. There's a really nice jacht for sale now called 'My Shanti' the sale now. It's presently owned by the richest lady in Israel, Shari Arison. It's a bargain now, you can get it for only $85 million, and when you paid it, you can enjoy its 8 bedrooms, home theater, helipad and conference room right away

My Shanti, the $85 million yacht

If you want something more tropical, then Private Islands Magazine is for you. There are surprisingly many islands for sale, and you can get one like Leonardo DiCaprio's for only $1.75 million. Caribbean, Bahamas or Seychelles? There are many little secluded islands for all you poker billionaires out there. Get out there, and buy some, and when you did, thank me by inviting me to island opening party.