Barry Greenstein - Ace On The River (An Advanced Poker Guide)

This is a really a book not to pass by. Because Barry Greenstein’s book is one of my all-time favorites, I think I’m gonna be a bit biased when it comes to this review. Why is this? Because it was a pleasure to read, well-structured and left me wanting more. I think everyone can take away something from this book, I found all the chapters very useful and all the pages are worth looking over twice. This might not be the most convincing argument for the book, but the quality of the paper it’s published in and its high quality photos (284 of them!) not only make it a pleasure for your eyes, but also a valued book in your collection. Another reason behind my favoritism towards this book would have to be my respect for Barry Greenstein as both a professional poker player and a personality. I feel there is a lot to learn from him and his gameplay is simply amazing.

Ace On The River

The author of the book did not pick up the nickname ’The Robin Hood of Poker’ accidentally, as for he has donated millions of dollars of his winnings to numerous charities. Greenstein doesn’t only have his hands in tournaments, but he also plays cash game and has appeared numerous times in the American show High Stakes Poker, aired by the GSN Network.

Basically, to put it in a nutshell, the book is not overwhelmingly concerned about the mathematics of the game, odds calculation or different poker terms, but focuses more on the intelligent attitude necessary for the game, the psychological background and enlightening you how to be honest to yourself as a player. So, this book is completely different from the usual and this is made clear after the first few pages.

Within the 316-page book, we encounter chapters such as ’How to Behave in the Poker Society’, ’Poker and Your Family’, ’Money Management’, all of which provide useful information for a player who is already familiar with the basics. But that is not all: apart from these essentials that are listed above, Greestein also goes professionally into the topics of ’Poker and Your Sexuality' -> 'Casinos hire good-looking employees to attract and distract costumers’.

I would definitely recommend this book to every poker fanatic, especially for those who are already aces at the mathematics of the game, but seek to improve their attitude towards the game. This book will give a player the whole 360 perspective, srtrengthening their weak side. It has been said it is a key to become a real poker professional.