The Blog of the Multitable King

Randy  ’nanonoko’ Lew, considered the best multi-table poker player of all time, recently started a new official blog, in which he does not only talk about his poker career, but also provides a sneak peek into his everyday life.


Randy ’nanonoko’ Lew was a student at the California Davis University (UC Davis) before he  became a well-known name in the poker world. Nanonoko was also recognized for being a well-known arcade game player before he caught on to poker. He specialized in the game Marvel vs Capcom 2 and won several international championships. He first met Hevad Khan within one of these events (Khan converted from games to cards as well). Khan managed to persuade nanonoko to try himself out in the world of online poker.

Upon opening his first PokerStars account, he soon found out that the experience and stunningly good reaction time acquired by playing video games made him a superb player at the virtual poker tables. He easily plays 6max or heads-up across 24 tables with no difficulties, and reached Supernova Elite at Poker Stars in 2008. His career winnings exceed a million dollars. These days, he usually plays NL400 – NL2000.

Nanonoko secured the title of PokerStars professional in December 2009 and still continues to improve his game. His plans for this year include putting time aside to become just as great a player within the fields of live and online tournaments as he is in cash game.

Nanonoko has started his official blog a few weeks ago and continues to post interesting stuff on a regular basis. I would recommend this site to everyone, it’s worth checking out!