Bus-kkun - Living in the Shadow of Casino Shine

Yeong-Ung Yang presents a short documentary on the bus-kkun community, to whom the casinos of the United States mean an alternative way of living.


For most people, Las Vegas, Atlantic City and the world of the casinos of the United States mean glamour, shining and wealth. All poker players dream of playing just once at the tables of one of the most renowned establishments and several live poker specialists make a living here, winning immense sums from wealthy tourists. It turns out, however, that it is not only poker players who make ends meet at the casinos...

South Korean photographer Yeong-Ung Yang pictures the darker side of the American casinos in his latest short documentary. In the 5-minute long film, he presents a member of the bus-kkun community; the Korean term refers to a group of poor people, who have no home or jobs and ride the casino bus on the 100 miles long journey across the USA coast at least twice a day. The bus connects several casinos and travellers get free gambling vouchers, which the bus-kkun people secretly trade to tourists. On a trip that lasts half a day, they can make about $40.

Most of the homeless people sleep during the stops or wander around the casino machines, waiting for the bus to leave again with them onboard. The documentary tells the story of a man who has been living the bus-kkun way of life for 13 years and is basically being fed by the casinos.

Watch Yeong-Ung Yang’s documentary, clicking on the screenshot below:

Bus-kkun video