Bwin and PartyPoker: to merge or not to merge?

In December last year, rumors arose that PartyPoker and Bwin plan to join their networks, and speculations started that the two companies will agree on a Bwin – PartyPoker merger. 

At that time, both companies refused to confirm that talks of a merger were really ongoing. 

Party Poker - Bwin merger

Later on, the Austrian press reported, that the merger talks between Bwin and PartyPoker were not successful, and the merger will not come true after all. This was due to a statement made by Hannes Androsch, the chairman of the Bwin supervisory board, stating: “It is true, that talks with the English company ultimately did not lead to the desired outcome.” 

Shortly after this, Bwin issued a statement saying that Androsch had been “wrongly quoted” and corrected his statement to this one: "It is true, that up until now, talks have not lead to any specific outcome."

We do not yet know anything else for sure, but I will keep you all updated if any news comes to surface in connection with the matter.