Bwin Profits from World Cup and Regulation reported that Bwin Interactive Entertainment AG, leader in the online betting market, experienced a significant increase in its betting incomes during this year’s FIFA World Cup.

The 260,000 customers per day produced a total of 900,000 bets (213,000 of which made by newcomers and 90,000 by ‘reactivated’ users) and an average daily revenue of over €1.1 million. This means a record sum in comparison with previous soccer tournaments of the kind. In its bulletin, Bwin stated that “compared to the Euro 2008, Bwin increased its sportsbetting gross gaming revenues by nearly 40 percent (...) This figure was almost doubled by comparison with the 2006 FIFA World Cup. A sportsbetting margin of around 9.1 percent was an improvement on both the Euro 2008 at 8.3 percent and the 2006 FIFA World Cup at 6.7 percent.” The most popular match to bet on was the Germany v. Spain semi final.

The company also seems to prosper in France, as upon introducing its services in the country on 8 June, it was the “only international online gaming provider to enter the French market with a sportsbetting and poker license.” Bwin is thus among the few companies that are “in a position to meet the exacting demands of this regulated market.”