Cole South Drops CardRunners

The American online professional poker tutor Cole 'CTS' South announced he would like to concentrate on his studies and poker in the future, which he could not really focus on while being a tutor at CardRunners.

Cole South
Cole South and the CardRunners founder Taylor Caby

Cole South made official announcements of his decision to depart from the CardRunners via an online bolg entry on the 27th April.

"I have had an amazing experience as a lead instructor with Cardrunners over the past few years, but today I am announcing my departure from the company," Cole South announces in his recent blog entry, titled “Moving On and Good Luck”.

"This decision has more to do with myself than Cardrunners.  In the past year I have at the same time been a full time student, a professional poker player, and an owner/instructor of a poker training site, and I've found myself spread too thin.  Leaving Cardrunners has been an incredibly tough decision for me, but it will allow me to focus on playing poker and completing my degree", South goes on.

"I want to give a special thanks to all of the members of Cardrunners for making learning and teaching poker fun. Good luck."

The tutorial videos by Cole South showed great popularity among poker players and his quitting comes as a surprise and huge loss to CardRunners. Since the announcement was made official, a mass of members expressed their gratitude for his dedicated work.