Daniel Negreanu Misses Decent Company

Negreanu, divorced in 2008, tweeted that he felt blue on being once again alone after the end of the WSOP. In addition, he has been being treated harsh recently at the poker tables both online and live.

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu

The Canadian-Rumanian poker pro shared his feelings on his house being emptied yet again, as his fellow players residing there during the WSOP are now left. He said he was just hanging around half naked and couldn’t wait for the next shooting for the TV to return among people.

Even in poker he seems to have bad luck: not only is his internet connection failing, disabling him from playing online, but not so long ago he also got fooled and mocked by the amateur player Jason Calacanis in the PokerStars Big Game. With Negreanu hesitating to call Calacanis’ raise of $35,000 (having a full, while Negreanu had a nut straight), the latter said he would show his hand in case Negreanu folded and gave a $1,000 tip for the dealer. Negreanu called instantly, losing the $130,000 pot. Calacanis then asked the dealer what the greatest tip was that he ever got from Negreanu; the answer being a humble $10, he threw $500 to him with the words: “here, this is Daniel’s money anyway, I’m not so cheap.”

Negreanu, a regular to charity tournaments and TV shows, could definitely use some company, it seems. At least the poker community stands up for him as one of the most popular and, in the mean time, modest pros.