Deep-Stacked Cash Games

Deep-stacked poker games are getting more and more popular these days, and it seems that most advanced players favor these, opposed to short-stacked tourneys or cash games.

A lot of people think that the size of our starting stack does not really influence the way we should be playing our hands, but this is not true at all. Deep-stacked games are much more complicated and tough than short-stacked ones.

Deep stacks

In the case of cash games, the difference is even more evident. If we only have 10 BBs and get a pair of Aces, we push without hesitation. If we have 300 BBs, however, we must think at least twice before doing what we would normally do.

Deep-stacked games are more complicated and more dangerous, this is precisely why sharks favor them so much.
A game can basically be called deep-stacked, if players sit in with more than a 100 BBs, but deep-stacked games with people having four or five hundred BBs are not uncommon either.

Some concepts, like position and implied odds, get a very important role when playing deep-stacked cash games, as ‘resident cash game shark’ Nick Wealthall explains in a strategy article on

Nick explains the power of position, the use of implied and reverse odds, the danger of the pots getting bigger, the importance of floating, c-betting and double barrelling, and how calling with straight and flush draws can ruin your chances.

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