Devilfish Autobiography Hits the Shelves in September

David ’Devilfish’ Ulliott’s long anticipated autobiography, ’Devilfish: The Life & Times of a Poker Legend’, is available from 9 September and can now be pre-ordered through for £9,09.

Probably one of the most interesting is the life of Ulliott among the poker legends, as it spans from crime years with the petty lowlifes of the dark alleys of Kingston upon Hull to the rise to his single-to-date WSOP bracelet and winnings of approximately $6 million in total.

Dave Devilfish Ulliott
Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliott

Ulliott pursued a criminal life of gambling, betting and safe-cracking and spent about 27 months in jail in all. He also worked as a bouncer and was involved in several fights throughout his underworld ‘career’.

He first participated in a professional poker tournament in 1993, at the age of 39. In 1997 he eliminated Men ‘The Master’ Nguyen in the $500 PLO event of the Four Queens Poker Classic; this is where he acquired his nickname ‘Devilfish’, originally coined by Stephen Au-Yeung, a poker game organiser in Birmingham, according to Wikipedia.

How he went on to win his WSOP bracelet, a WPT title and the first series of the UK TV-show ‘Late Night Poker’, you can discover from the book. His motto, "You only win big when you risk big… Life is a blast. It don’t last. Live it long and live it f***ing fast" should tell you what to expect.