Durrrr Challenge 2 – It Has Started!

To my greatest pleasure (and many other’s, I’m sure), durrrr and jungleman12 have started their 50k hand battle, and the first round ended with durrrr being $130k ahead.

A couple of hours ago, Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan (1st place on Full Tilt’s yearly high stakes profit leaderboard) and Daniel ‘jungleman12’ Cates (third place on the same leaderboard) started the famous heads-up challenge called the ‘durrrr challenge’.   Durrrr is leading after having played a session of 1,651 hands.

Durrrr Challenge

The biggest pot during the match was $86,387. Jungleman, sitting on the button, raised to $1,200, durrrr called, the flop came SpadeT Spade2 Clubs2. Durrrr checked, jungleman made a cbet to $2,000 and durrrr called. The turn was a Heart9. Durrrr checked, jungleman fired out with $5,600, durrrr called. The river was a Spade6. Once again, durrrr checked, then went all-in to jungleman’s raise $13,400 raise. Jungleman only had $20,994 left in front of him, which he instantly pushed in the middle.Jungleman showed a flush with SpadeK Spade8 and took the pot. Durrrr had HeartQ SpadeJ.

Although jungleman took the biggest pot, durrrr came out on top after the first session.

After durrrr complained about being tired and logged out, the two players agreed to continue the match later today.

Before the game, an interview with durrrr got posted on Full Tilt’s website, to get readers in the mood:

There are still a few thousand hands remaining againt Patrik Antonius, how do you feel about your play against him?
Patrik’s a really good player and I definitely got pretty lucky versus him overall. I’m happy I’m up so much and obviously I’m a big favorite to win and I hope I do, but he’s still a super good player and there are a few hands left play, I’m not a lock by any means. I felt like I played pretty well and ran pretty well and that’s a good combo.

It was originally reported Brian Townsend would be your next Challenger. Will you be playing both Townsend and Jungleman12 at the same time?
I wanted to work out playing both of them but was busy the last few weeks so I think I’m just going to play Jungleman12 on 6 tables and hopefully crank out a bunch of hands. And then if Townsend wants to play, I can play him then.

Are you playing the same stakes and same level ($200/$400)? (Edit: they are playing NLHE instead of PLO)
Yeah, need to do 4 tables minimum. It’s his choice if he wants to do more, I’ll definitely do up to 6 (tables) and probably do 8. He said he thinks he’ll only want to do 6 so I’m fine with that.

Have you played much against Jungleman12? Any strategy difference between him and Antonius?
No, not too much at all. We played some. I saw somewhere online that it was 15,000 hands or something like that which seems like way more than I remember playing him but maybe. I have some idea how he plays, hopefully I’ll have a better idea in a little bit and a little more money too.