Full House Poker Hits Xbox Live

Microsoft has recently announced that a new poker game exclusively for Xbox Live will soon be introduced to occupy the space of 1 vs. 100, a social game shut down earlier. Full House Poker will be downloadable for free.

Full House Poker Screenshot
A screenshot form Full House Poker

FHP has been announced by Microsoft to hit Xbox Live during Spring, 2011. Representing players by their avatars, the game will feature tournaments and heads-up games in the style of popular televised events. Playing against bots (that is, computer-driven opponents) as well as against fellow human players will be possible, but real money games don’t seem to be available.

Up to 30 players will be able to play in events, which sounds fun. In addition to Texas Hold’em “cash game” tables, the main hit will be the Texas Heat which resembles a real life tournament: participation in a whole season of events of 10-handed tables. As prizes, over 150 virtual objects will be up for grabs, including t-shirts, custom-designed tables, avatar moves, etc. which definitely add to excitement. Once again, real money games are not yet an option, but for something such as free DLC, it sounds great fun. For X360 owners, that is.

Full House Poker is intended to step in the place of an otherwise successful, although cancelled project. Hopefully, this one will not be shut down due to lack of interest from advertiser companies, like 1 vs. 100. Of course, FHP represents a largely different game experience.