The Godfather of Online Poker (Part VIII)

Part VIII, the final part of Eponymous’ Photoshop comic strip ‘The Godfather of Online Poker’ is here, and I'm not giving you any teasers right now, because anything I say would spoil the great finale. Enjoy!

tgoop VIII-01

tgoop VIII-02

tgoop VIII-03

tgoop VIII-04

tgoop VIII-05

tgoop VIII-06

tgoop VIII-07

tgoop VIII-08

tgoop VIII-09

tgoop VIII-10

tgoop VIII-11

tgoop VIII-12

tgoop VIII-13

tgoop VIII-14

tgoop VIII-15

tgoop VIII-16

tgoop VIII-17

tgoop VIII-18

tgoop VIII-19

tgoop VIII-20

tgoop VIII-21

tgoop VI-II22

tgoop VIII-23

tgoop VIII-24

tgoop VIII-25

tgoop VIII-26

tgoop VIII-27

tgoop VIII-28

tgoop VIII-29

tgoop VIII-30

tgoop VIII-31

tgoop VIII-32

tgoop VIII-33

tgoop VIII-34

tgoop VIII-35

tgoop VIII-36

tgoop VIII-37

tgoop VIII-38

tgoop VIII-39

tgoop VIII-40

tgoop VIII-41

tgoop VIII-42

tgoop VIII-43

tgoop VIII-44

tgoop VIII-45

tgoop VIII-46

tgoop VIII-47

tgoop VIII-48

tgoop VIII-49

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