Google and YouTube Opens the Doors for Gambling Ads

Google, a company with a very strict advertising policy, has now decided to allow certain gambling ads to be presented on their sites, including YouTube from now on. Youtube, owned by Google, will allow ’licensed entities located in England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, France or Spain’ to display online gambling advertisements on Youtube. This content, however, will only be viewable by users who can verify they are over 18.


The advertising campaigns on Youtube will appear on the homepage of the site, video pages and the advertisers’ own channels. Google has gradually been lifting the restrictions on gambling advertisements, starting in 2008, when they lifted their AdWords ban on Internet gambling advertising in the UK only.

The first company to run a gambling ad on Youtube will be Ladbrokes, presenting their click-to-play advertising campaign booked by TBG Digital.

The Google boss James Cashmore stated that the ads will only reach users over 18, and that there will be no uprising problems thanks to the new rules protecting underage users. “We’ve been in discussions with brands and agencies about this for more than two years,” he said.

Below you can find Google’s current gambling policy, as stated on Youtube’s Advertising Policy page:

"Advertising for the promotion of online gambling includes, but is not limited to the following: online casinos, sports books, poker and sites that provide tips, odds and handicapping ("online gambling ads"). Online gambling ads are not permitted, except by licensed entities located in England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, France or Spain ("Permitted Locations"). We may accept online gambling ads from licensed entities that have been previously approved through the appropriate AdWords application process, provided that those ads are not targeted outside the Permitted Locations. For more information about our gambling policy, the approval process for licensed entities and country exceptions, please visit the AdWords Help Centre."