Hellmuth Releases Ebooks: Phil Hellmuth’s Legendary Poker Hands

legendary poker hands

Phil Hellmuth, everyone's favourite bad beat bad boy released a new series of books entitled "Phil Hellmuth’s Legendary Poker Hands". The series consists of 5 separate eBooks released only at Apple's iBookstore for $2.99 each.

The series contains 5 chapters sold as 5 distinctive books each with 22+ pages of hand histories and analyses by Phil. The volumes are entitled the following: Phil on Pocket Pairs, Phil Bluffs and Gets Bluffed, Hellmuth vs. Chan, Phil’s Great WSOP Hands and Phil Loses 5 Hands…And Lives and Learns.

If you have an Apple handheld device and are interested in what the 'Poker Brat' has to say, go ahead and download it, at $2.99 it won't cost you a living. He dedicated a whole eBook to his 5 biggest losing hands, I'm very interested in how the guy approaches the question.