How to play Texas Hold‘em

Here you can find a short summary on how to play Texas Hold‘em.

If you are not a regular player or even if you did not play a single hand of poker, I am pretty convinced that you may have heard about Texas Hold’Em. Probably this type of poker is the most well-known in the world thanks to the media.

If you are interested or intended to get familiar with Texas Hold’em Poker here you can find a few bullet points. Let’s go!

First of all, you need to know what type of cards do you play during a hand and what combinations. Texas Hold’em is a 5-card poker. You are able to combine 5 cards into several combinations which has a different value.

These are the following:

  • high card (there is no combination, the card itself represents a value);
  • one pair;
  • two pairs;
  • three of a kind (drill);
  • straight;
  • flush;
  • full house;
  • four of a kind (poker);
  • straight flush;
  • royal flush.

Royal flush is the most valuable combination however, the chance of having such during a hand is pretty rare.

Let’s see some information how to play a poker hand. These are the deal, pre-flop, flop, turn, river, showdown.

1. Deal

First the croupier deals two cards of every player with face-off. It means that these cards are only visible to the given player. It is worth to know that there are two player who needs to put certain amount of money into the pot prior to the deal - these are the small blind and the big blind (the big blind needs to put double of the money the small blind put into the pot).

2. Pre-flop

Apart from the small and big blind, the other player will be able to take an action once they are familiar with their cards. Once the courier dealt two cards to every player this phase called the pre-flop. In this phase can either call raise, or fold their cards.

3. Flop

In this phase the courier deals three cards with face on from the deck following the first card thereof is ’burnt’. Unlike in the pre-flop, there are different actions which may be taken by the player. Depending on where the player sits at the table it may check, call, raise, re-raise or fold.

4. Turn & River

Once all actions were taken by all player the following phases called turn and after that the river where only one further card is shown up by the courier, respectively. The actions may be similar to the actions taken during the flop phase. By the time the river is on the table, each player has seven cards (two in front of them with face-off and five which are known by the players) out of which they need to have the best possible combination.

5. Showdown

The last phase of the hand where the remaining player shall show their cards which are faced off in front of them and the winner will be that player who have the stronger combination out of the available cards.

I do hope that the above will give you an introduction of how to play Texas Hold’em. Do not waste your time. Let’s play!