Improve your game with the Facebook AI - part II.

Download the full hand history played by Pluribus and get an edge over your fellow humans!

As we reported earlier, the recent battle between men and machine, a group of poker pros against Facebook's poker AI got the poker world talking, with several debates creating over the topic.

Thanks to the Youtube-channel, called Finding Equilibrium, everyone can get a glimpse at Pluribus' strategy, which can be pretty helpful for cash game players.

Surprisingly, Pluribus' strategy was way different than what the most well-known GTO-software, PIO Solver recommended. Thanks to Carnegie Mellon University, the full hand history is available now. While the original HHs were not compatible with PT4, thanks to Kevin Wang, they are now! You can download it here!

With the full hand history, the most dedicated grinders can now learn how the best artificial intelligence, who beat the selected group of professionals, including Linus 'LlinusLlove' Löliger and Nick Petrangelo, plays in certain spots.

Here are some interesting stats about Pluribus' game. It opened the following hands most often.

Here are its favorite hands to 3-bet with.