Introducing the Moneybookers Security Token

Many poker players use Moneybookers (MB) to transfer money to and from poker rooms, in addition to a variety of other financial transactions. Some are, however, afraid of creating a MB account, out of fear from hacker attacks, which I can understand. With the Security Token (ST), however, these attempts can be neutralized.

Moneybookers Security Token How it Works

The token is a small gadget to enhance the security of your MB account. In essence, it “generates unique, one-time passwords to increase the security upon login to your Moneybookers account.” In every 32 seconds, it produces a new entry code which is to be given after the usual process when logging in. To see the code, you need to push the small button on the token, so that it is displayed for 10 seconds.

For users who store or transfer great amounts of money via their MB account, the ST is essential. Given its small size, it is easy to be carried around or even to be used as a keyring. You can purchase it in the “Security centre” in your MB account (if you can’t see it, contact MB support, they will make it visible). The token costs €15, unless you are a VIP member, which makes you eligible for it for free (to achieve VIP membership, you need to make monthly transfers of at least €5,000).

Moneybookers Security centre

Another thing you need to know is that the token works with batteries that should not be changed. The installed source has a lifespan of around 5-7 years; when it’s dead, you need to contact support to let you access your account and provide another token. The same stands if the token gets broken or lost.