Introducing the Wireless Poker Controller

PokerControlsTM has recently introduced their latest product to make life easier for all of you who feel that the keyboard and mouse combo is either insufficient for your gaming style or simply out of fashion. The Wireless Poker Controller is a gadget designed specifically for online poker and is compatible with all the major poker rooms.


“Now there's no need to worry about making the wrong move or not having enough time to make your bet,” the product info reads at the official website. It also adds that “Poker Controller can help both beginners and pros to increase their bet speed, accuracy, avoid errors and generally play more comfortably and efficiently.”

Featuring a number of dedicated buttons, a Raise-O-Meter and even an Anti-tilt Lock-out option, it might indeed be worth checking out – as long as the $120 price tag is OK for you. Watch a promotional video of the product here.