Jamie Staples to lose a $50,000 prop bet?

After Jamie and his brother Matt successfully beat Bill Perkins for $150,000 weight-loss bet this March, they seem to fail the Ultimate Sweat Challenge 2.0.

Pro poker player and streamer, Jamie Staples is well-known all around the poker community. He's gain wide popularity thanks to his channels on Youtube and Twitch.

In 2017, he and his brother, Matt were the guests of the high-stakes poker player, and commodity trader, Bill Perkins. Their journey on Bill's "streamboat" ended with a huge bet, where the bros risked $3,000 to Bill's $150,000. In one year, they had to weigh in in 1 pound, which was a very ambitious goal, considering the difference between them was 169 pounds.

The brothers hired the professional trainer, Mike Vacanti, who helped them during the whole process, and they succeeded, which - according to his latest video - was the greatest accomplishment in Jamie's life.


The brothers before and after the first bet

After Ultimate Sweat 1.0, the brothers and Perkins agreed on another bet, where they risked $50,000 to $150,000 and their goal is to get to 9.9% (or less) body fat. They're at halftime now and things don't look good for the Staples'.

When talking to their coach, Vacanti frankly said, he thinks their chance to get below 10% is "a hundred to one".

In his latest video, titled "I'm failing..." Jamie explains the reasons for the poor performance and goes on to talk about his fears and regrets.

Watch the full video below!

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