Lady Gaga Grabs Title of Most Popular Woman on the Web

COED Magazine recently made a compilation of the top 50 women on the web, measured by the number of results returned by Google. Many will be surprised, but not astonished, that Lady Gaga grabbed the number one spot, beating likes of Beyoncé, Madonna, Oprah, Britney Spears and even Hillary Clinton.

Lady GaGa - Poker<br />

Success came to Lady Gaga with the popular single Poker Face, which dominated the music charts around the globe for weeks at end. Other main factors that could have led to her claiming this title is that she is a highly talented singer, and also has a lot of controversy surrounding her, either it be from the outrageous outfits she presents herself in, to the question of her sex gender.

Numerous photos appear almost everywhere upon searching Lady Gaga’s name, most claiming to be the proof that Lady Gaga has got a hidden package. None of them can be clearly seen, of course, and in her new clip ’Telephone’ also featuring Beyoncé, Gaga is fighting back at these accusations, showing her box without hesitation.

Other runners-up in the top 10 are as listed below:
1.    Lady Gaga
2.    Ke$ha
3.    Madonna
4.    Beyonce
5.    Rihanna
6.    Britney Spears
7.    Miley Cyrus
8.    Paris Hilton
9.    Avril Lavigne
10.  Shakira

Check out the following YouTube video. This is Lady Gaga, too. Smile