Luckychewy Becomes a Full Tilt Pro

Full Tilt Poker has now signed a contract with one of the most talented players of the new poker generation, the 22 years old Andrew ’luckychewy’ Lichtenberger. Lichtenberger, born in New York, gained reputation as an online cash game player, and this year he was already a regular threat at the Full Tilt Poker high stakes tables. His current earnings exceed $602,094, which secure him the 19th place on the poker room’s yearly profit leaderboard.


After patricipating in a few smaller tournaments, Andrew has been actively taking part in live tournaments since 2009, and it soon became clear, that he is at least as good at these, as in cash game. The first time he attended the WSOP, he got into the money in five events. One of them was the NLHE Shootout event, where he finished behind Belabacsi and won $215,402. At the Main Event, he managed to secure the 18th place and took home a whacking $500,557. This year, luckychewy has won the WSOPC Las Vegas event, for which he received $190,137.

Luckychewy favors a hyperaggressive style, with which he has already gained many-many fans. Viewers find his sessions highly entertaining.
"It's definitely something learned. When I first started playing poker I was tighter than you could imagine. Over time you realize that playing tight just doesn't result in winning automatically when you play tougher competition, and you are forced to think deeper into things. That's when poker really becomes interesting and you begin the process of evolving your poker game." - said Andrew Lichtenberger in an interview for PokerCurious.

Lichtenberger has also been featured many times in the reality show ‘2 Months, 2 Million’, which has also given a huge blast to his poker career. In the end, the show turned out to be a failure, as the group of four, Brian Roberts, Jay Rosenkrantz, Emil Patel and Dani Stern could not even approach the $2,000,000 profit that had been set as a goal.

Now part of Full Tilt Poker’s pro team, Lichtenberger has the opportunity to be on the same page with players like Phil Ivey, Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan, Gus Hansen, Patrik Antonius and Allan Cunningham.