Mangas Gaming Has Broken All Previous Records in France Since the Regulation

Nicholas Beraud, the chief executive of Mangas Gaming (the company that owns BetClic and EverestPoker) made a statement regarding the recently introduced regulations licensing sports betting into the market. According to him, Mangas has now broken all previous records in France since the introduction of the new regulations.

Newly regulated French market

Below you can find his speech on the newly regulated French market, as heard at the CEO Panel at EGR Live:
“On the one side, you pay a huge amount more tax in France, but on the other hand, it’s created a new market, a new business,” he said. “What we see of the French market so far is a boom in terms of new customers that until now didn’t want to play because it was thought that it was illegal to play on the internet.”

Beraud continued: “Now it is legal, we have beaten all our records in the last few days. Of course you include the World Cup effect, but despite that, in terms of conversion and activities, we have seen a huge move in terms of new customers that are joining BetClic to bet on the World Cup.”

He also predicts that the countries to follow suit “after France will probably be in Denmark, then Germany, then Spain. It will create a stable business, and we will have the opportunity to get more customers in these regulated markets.”

H2 Gambling Capital, a gambling data business also shares Bereaud's predictions, stating that regulation can actually increase market size by two, or even three times. These new regulations on the gambling sector also mean that all companies need to acquire a licence in order to provide their services.

The full list of licence approvals is as follows (according to EGR Online Magazine):

BetClic ( pari-mutuel horse race betting, poker, sports– fixed odds and pool betting.
Beturf (Groupe Paris Turf): pari-mutuel horse race betting.
BES SAS (Bwin’s French subsidiary: poker, sports – fixed odds and pool betting.
Bwin/Amaury Groupe ( poker, sports – fixed odds and pool betting.
EverestPoker ( poker.
France Pari ( sports – pool betting.
La Française des Jeux ( sports – fixed odds and pool betting.
Iliad Gaming/ChiliGaming ( sports – fixed odds and pool betting
Pari Mutuel Urbain ( poker, sports – fixed odds and pool betting.
SPS Betting ( poker, sports – fixed odds and pool betting.
Table 14 ( poker.