Mike Postle denies cheating allegations

The player who had been accused of cheating on a live stream recently did an interview with Mike Matusow about the scandal.

As we reported last week, a regular in the Stones Live Poker, a live-streamed cash game, running at the Stones Gambling Hall become the center of a huge scandal.

A former commentator of the stream accused him of cheating on the live stream, and the allegations got the poker community talking. Many well-known pros chimed in on Twitter, while Doug Polk and Joe Ingram also started an investigation.

The two came out with several Youtube videos, where they analyzed the hands, played by Postle and came to the conclusion that the player was indeed cheating during the games.

Postle himself did an interview, with Mike Matusow on the latter's podcast, The Mouthpiece. In the interview, Postle denied all allegations, while tried to explain the reasoning behind his decisions, but many think he did a poor job of answering the questions.

You can list to the podcasts here: