Mimi Luu Can’t Fold This

Mimi Luu could neither fold nor, apparently, call with her pocket kings in the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open. Her 10-minute tanking even gave some ideas to SrslySirius. Bet you can’t fold this!

Mimi Luu

On 21 August, the $5,300 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open (SHRPO) launched with a gargantuan prize pool of $10 million. There were three Day 1s and a total of 2,384 players registered, accumulating $11,920,000 in prize money and making a $1,745,245 first prize.

Even though an entire list of seasoned poker pros entered the event, the community is currently obsessed with a poker lady of $271,000 in total live tournament winnings. Mimi Luu has instantly become a poker meme after tanking surprisingly long and in a funny/annoying way at the end of Day 2.

The hand itself went down as follows: only six hands were left before calling the day off, when David ‘Doc’ Sands opened to 34,000 from UTG+1. Mimi Luu told Sands she would “do him a favour and raise 125” and pushed in 125,000 in chips. However, the dealer warned her she had said “raise 125” and not “raise to 125”, so she had to raise to 159,000. Tony Sinishtaj cold 4-bet to 990,000 from the SB and Sands folded. Luu, on the other hand, started to tank, putting up an entire show of 10 minutes while repeating that “I can’t fold this” and “I don’t know what to do”. She had 355,000 left in chips and, as the day got over in the meantime, no one would call the clock on her, waiting patiently for her to come to a decision.

Eventually, Luu called and tabled kings. Sinishtaj had queens and the board did not help him. Luu doubled up to 1,150,000 (71 BBs) and an indifferent Sinishtaj was left with 465,000 (29 BBs).

Watch the last minutes of Luu tanking:

Veteran poker player and entertainer 'SrslySirius' got inspired by the show and quickly published a remix of its topic element, as seen below:

The six-handed finale of the SHRPO takes place on Wednesday with the following players at the table:

Blair Hinkle – 22,800,000
Justin Bonomo – 18,500,000
Ray Qartomy – 13,050,000
Mukul Pahuja – 10,200,000
Samuel Guilabert – 4,675,000
Greg Lehn – 2,200,000

Follow the play live via stream on the official tournament website.