New Partypoker Loyalty System Goes Into Effect on Monday

Partypoker announced they are revamping their loyalty reward system back in March and their players have been awaiting the details ever since. They are finally here, including the date of the launch which is May 22nd - next Monday. It was worth the waiting because as it turns out, they're bringing back the rakeback rewards in a big way.

As partypoker is introducing their new loyalty system, they are bidding farewell to the old one with a 10% off sale at the Loyalty store. Take advantage of that while you can!

Also, if you're a rakeback grinder, get excited because in the new system you can earn as much as 40% rakeback every week.

First, you have to opt-in for the rakeback bonus in the "Rewards" section of the client. You have to this every week, as this cashback system is based on weekly performances. Your generated rake will be calculated from Monday 12:00 AM to Sunday 11:59 PM Central European Time each week and you'll get your rakeback weekly according to the level you reached.

Here's the breakdown of the levels. Each dollar raked in a cash game or paid in a tournament fee gets you one point.

If you rake over $2,000 dollars a week you get an additional 40% cashback of every additional $200 you rake. Please note that, for example, if you rake $149 you get the same amount in rakeback as if you had raked $101, as you did not reach the next, $150 level yet - you stay on the $100 level. The extra 49 points you made cannot be carried over to the next week.

This is great news overall, especially in the face of what's happening on PokerStars. Not so long ago their loyalty system also underwent some changes, but they decided to cut back on the rakeback huge, some players there can expect an 85% decrease in their rakeback even.

Also, partypoker hosts a $5,600 Exclusive Rake Race for members. Please register here if you wish to enter the race.