The New WSOP Bracelet Raising Controversy

Harrah’s Entertainment hired the jewelry designer Steve Soffa to create the new WSOP bracelet, but the design didn’t turn out to be overly popular with the public.

The first WSOP bracelet was made in 1976 and had an estimated value of $500. As the WSOP’s prestige grew, so did the emphasis on the design of the bracelet. By the time 2008 came around, the bracelet was made out of 18-carat white gold and also had 291 2.81 carat diamonds encrusted into it.

The Australian designer Steve Soffa has shown a love for the game for a long time now and he often utilises poker as a theme for his creations. He was also the designer of the wristwatch called ’Suicide King’, which was worn by the 2009 WSOP champion Joe Cada.

Suicide King

Popularity will probably not come to Steve Soffa this time with his new design. This is because only a few people view it as a real classic and the memento of old times, whereas the majority just sees it as a rusty piece of metal.

Although the public do not like the new bracelet design too much, Harrah’s Entertainment was impressed with Steve’s work and plans to have longer collaborations with the Australian designer who is set to be looking over all future designs of Harrah’s exclusive merchandise.

Check out the PokerNewsDaily video interview with Steve Soffa here.

What is your opinion on the new WSOP bracelet?