Octopus Paul Received a Bronze Statuette and a Spanish Jersey

Paul the Octopus, resident of the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany, predicted the outcome of eight matches in a row during the FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa. Now, he is given honorary citizenship of Carballino, Spain, as well as the title “Best Friend of the City” and a Spanish national jersey.

Paul was awarded honourary citizenship of town Carballino, Spain
Paul, the Prophet Octopus, receiving honours

The major of the Spanish city awarded Paul with a silver plaque and a bronze statuette on the occasion. Even though the Aquarium received several offers for Paul, including one of €500,000, they wouldn’t give him. The bid came from a Russian oligarch, as they want him to foretell who the next president of the country is going to be. The offer was rejected, saying Paul was only capable of predicting football results.

Speaking of which, ethologists say octopuses are smart and intelligent, can be taught of many things and are high level problem solvers with advanced memory capabilities. They are thus easy to manipulate, let’s say, by football professionals.

An incredible series of luck, then? It is not something we poker players are unfamiliar with. Nevertheless, it is so much more fun to believe in the prophecies of an octopus, just every once in a while.

World Cup 2014 logo

PS. Above is the newly introduced logo of the FIFA World Cup 2014 Brasil.

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