Online Poker Winning Strategies Infographic – What Is Your Excuse?

There is always something keeping you from achieving the great breakthrough? Are you unable to beat your stake? Some useful tips and solutions follow from the history of winning online poker strategies.

 Evolution of Online Poker Winning Strategies
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Rigged RNGs, or Play Bad, Get Rewarded
One of the basic rules of winning online poker strategies is that despite making correct decisions, the RNG is rigged and the fish will get his backdoor nut straight. The only solution is to double-cross the RNG, betting big in situations where you are more than likely beaten. In the worst case, you are still saving yourself a bad beat and can tilt a lot of players by winning hands from behind.

Moving Up, where Raises get Respect
One winning online poker strategy gem from the heydays of the game. Fish had been all around like hungry swarms of piranhas, rendering the game impossible for the regulars with their unconditional calls. Only the higher stakes offered some refuge, where you could play against qualified opponents who were trained to fold.

Shortstacking & Ratholing
Shortstack strategies still tend to discomfort deep players, while ratholing is clearly against the ethics of the game. It means that a player, after winning a major pot or doubling up, sits out, cashes out and sits back with a smaller amount of money. Most rooms ban players with such a behaviour.

HUDbotting & Datamining
Software applications that track opponents’ tendencies and mine data appeared. Many condemned them instantly as cheating.

Range Merging
It means the merging of the depolarised bet range (nuts or bluff) with mid-strong hands for a higher EV. For example, including top pair hands into the range on a dry flop besides strong sets and bluffs.

The 24 Tabling NitReg
The time of the multi-tabling regulars has come. "No money in poker, everyone's solid".

Triple Range Merging
The first rule of Triple Range Merging is: You do not talk about Triple Range Merging. All we can say is, “No money in HU, everyone Triple Range Merging.”

Extreme Bumhunting
The most recent development in the field of winning online poker strategies is that more and more regulars reject playing against each other and sit in only to wait for the fish.

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