Patrik Antonius Slowly Makes an Upturn Out of His Downswing

The Finnish high stakes poker player until April has lost more than 3 million dollars on Full Tilt Poker. This month, however, he is leading the profit list, making up for most of his downturn this year.

Patrik Antonius - Full Tilt Poker Pro

Patrik Antonius has been one of the biggest winners at Full Tilt Poker for years now. However, in 2010, this changed for the worse: Antonius’s outgoings exceeded $3,015,400 until 31st March and secured the title of the biggest loser at Full Tilt.

In April, Antonius came back with a vengeance after a long time in the pits, with his winnings for this month standing at a cool $2,424,981. This performance has made Antonius the leader of this month’s profit list, with Tom ’durrr’ Dwan hot on his tail with $2,333,464 and Phil ivey right behind them with $941,423. Antonius has also kept an eye on his outgoings this year with them decreasing to $590,422, which can easily be made up with a few good sessions. This month, Patrik Antonius’s winnings are as follows: $1,680,502 in 7-game, $802,515 in Pot Limit Omaha with a minimal $58,037 loss in Omaha Hi/Lo.

Thanks to this good high stakes performance shown in the last month, he also managed to decrease his handicap in the ’durrrr challenge’, but is still miles away from catching up with durrrr. The last duel took place on the 27th April and started with durrrr leading by almost 2 million dollars. Antonius managed to scratch this amount with a minimal $92,709 taking. This is a considerably good result, looking at the fact that the duel only lasted over the duration of 207 hands and the biggest pot was taken his American rival:

The two players lunged at each other’s throats on a flop of

7d Jd 3h

and all the money made its way to the middle by the end of the hand.

7s Qs 7c 2h

Qd Qh 5d Kh



Durrrr won the $273,392 pot with a full house.

After that Antonius worked his way up the ladder by taking the smaller pots. The challenge which spreads over 50,000 hands is currently resided at 33,838 hands, with durrrr leading by a cool $1,847,105 profit. Patrik Antonius is in much better shape than the last month. PokerTube has interviewed him about is performance, which can be viewed below.