Peter Eastgate's WSOP Bracelet Sold for $147,500 - Tony G or Not?

Remember the auction of Peter Eastgate, who put his 2008 WSOP Main Event bracelet on eBay, and not needing the money specifically, offered the profits for charity? Well, the auction has ended, the highest bid was $147,500. This identity of the buyer is yet unknown.

auction ended

The starting price was $16,000, which soon reached and passed $100,000. The auction ended today. During the 10 days, a total of 42 bidders placed 116 bids, out of which an unknown person offered the highest price: $147,500. It's still not sure whether it was Tony G, who was very positive about him buying the bracelet for his German Shepherd Zasko, or somebody else.

Zasko bracelet

"Carry on bidding, this bracelet is going to go for six figures. I respect Zasko too much to not pay what it takes but I do have limits. For $2 million I could buy him his own private jet!"

Though, if it wasn't him, not all hope is lost for the Lithuanian PartyPoker pro, because 3-time WSOP champion, Paul 'Eskimo' Clark is also selling his 1999 $1,500 Razz bracelet. If a Razz bracelet is not degrading for the humble dog, the G can also try to get that one. He would also get it much cheaper, the bidding is at $2,800 at the writing of this post.