Phil Hellmuth – In and Out

Once again, Phil Hellmuth felt he needed some extra attention when he enters the Main Event of the WSOP, and this year he decided he would dress up as ’The Ultimate Fighter’. Below, you can see his more-than-ridiculous entrance video. I just wonder how UB give their name to such an outright corny act?

Soon after getting the desired press, media and fan attention, Phil thought he had had enough of the Main Event, went all-in with a pair of Jacks, got called by a pair of Queens, and was out of the tourney in no time. 

On his Twitter page, Phil continues to think of himself as some kind of a very special person, praising himself for managing to keep calm when getting busted: “Out! Still feel calm (not freaking out); did autographs + pics 4 45 mins str8 after busting. 2010 WSOP: played great, cards were not great.”

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