Phil Hellmuth Still Needs to Learn Manners

Although he had hired a sports psychologist, Phil Hellmuth still has very serious problems with his temper when it comes to live poker tournaments. 

His last fit came when he got eliminated at the WSOP event #46, $5000 Pot Limt Omaha. What happened is that Dave Ulliott, a.k.a. Devilfish busted him by hitting an Ace high flush on the river. After this, Phil stood up and started screaming. He called Devilfish all kinds of nasty names, like a f***ing idiot, because he didn't fold his flush and straight draw on the flop. 

Phil Hellmuth

He then left the table without shaking hands with anyone, while Devilfish happily collected Phil's stack. Phil does not mention the incident on Twitter, all he says is that he played well and did not make mistakes.

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