PINA1980 Wins a Trip to Mount Everest at PokerStars

As most of you know already the online poker website sponsors some of the best poker professionals in the business. But it’s sponsorship of professionals does not stop at poker. In order to get its name out there, PokerStars has an initiative way in finding events or celebrities that could boost their reputation. One of their most recent signings included Gianluigi ’Gigi’ Buffon, the professional goalkeeper for the Italian national soccer team. As PokerStars widens it’s net in looking to add to their line-up of sporting stars and celebrities, they stumbled across two brothers Damien and Willie Benegas who are seek to conquer Mount Everest (this will be Willie’s 10th trip to the summit).

Willie Benegas, Mount Everest
Willie Benegas on the top of Mount Everest in a past climb

The twins born in Patagonia, Willie and Damien are both experienced climbers and are seeking to raise funds from their climb to the summit for a foundation to keep Everest clean of litter (created by climbers who take on the mountain). PokerStars showing their generosity have decided to back the two brothers campaign by sponsoring them and have already donated $5,000 to the foundation. For PokerStars support the brothers have agreed to play online poker not only on the climb but also when they reach the peak of Everest, creating the record for the highest elevated game ever played on-land.

PokerStars didn’t just stop at the sponsorship it also hosted a $1.10 tournament on their site on the 30th May called Conquer Everest for those who were interested in participate in the adventure. The winner (PINA1980, from Murcia) of the tournament got an all expenses paid trip to the base camp at Everest to play a heads-up game against the brothers before the start of their climb.

Conquer Everest - PokerStars promotion

The challenge that is ahead for the Willie and Damien will require them to use every ounce of knowledge and strength to accomplish their mission. Hopefully their journey to the top will be safe and they can make the record and raise the attention to the pollution climbers are creating.