Play in Comfort with the Help of the Aeron Chair

Let’s face it a good portion of our time these days is taken up in front of a computer. Either it be for grinding online or for entertainment, computers are now playing a larger role in all of our lives. With so much time spent in front of a computer it is important to think of our well-being and comfort levels. Facing these important matters is essential to create our own oasis. One of the best steps we can take to get closer to this can be with the use of the right equipment i.e. the right chair.

Aeron chair

The Aeron chair designed in 1994 is still said to be one of the most comfortable and ergonomic chairs available on the market today. Just one of the many products that the American office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller has on offer it definitely stands out for its uniqueness. It is easy to see that the chairs designers Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf had one goal when designing this chair to make a chair that offers a wide range of adjustability.

So what does the chair offer?

  • Fixed or adjustable armrests
  • Lumbar support
  • Sacral support
  • Varied bases
  • Seat and back are made of a stretched and flexible mesh

Having the right tools for the job always makes the task an easier and more pleasurable experience. Taking this into consideration if we look at a poker player we usually find they have the following: a good powerful computer, one or two huge LCDs, a standard table and a very basic chair. It is funny but true in most cases that our chair always comes in last when we invest into our poker career. A good chair is the key to increasing our comfort and awareness levels, which are of the most important to think of especially if we are playing hours at end online. A high-quality chair could be the differences between an awake alert player or a tired careless player with a pain in the back.

I think the Aeron chair is definitely worth its price and is just as important as a good computer and a nice LCD screen. What are your thoughts on this?