Poker IQ Test – Test Your Poker Knowledge with the DonkeyTest

Do you want to know how good you really are at poker? Are you seeking an outsider’s opinion on your poker decisions? Well, there is a place where you can put your skills to the test and you can gain knowledge from the IQ test available at, put together by poker professionals.

Poker IQ Test - DonkeyTest

At the website they have created an ingenious and exciting IQ test for all poker fans who are willing to test themselves. All the questions that are made available within the test were put together by poker professionals, from their own experiences. Among the average Joe players taking part in the test we can also find many poker professionals, such as Noah ’Exclusive’ Boeken (young Dutch poker star, tournament specialist), Taylor Caby, Gamle4You and BldSWtTRs. The last three players are three of the most respected online no limit hold’em cash game players of our time.

In my  opinion, I found the test quite amusing and useful, it has a good structure and the questions and answers enable you to draw conclusions to improve your gameplay. The test has within it questions covering both cash games and tournaments, but highlights cash games slightly more.

Upon completion of the test, the website will make a request for your e-mail address, in order to provide you with your results in a brief overview. does also offer detailed statistics of your results (called the Personal Intelligence Profile) and a certificate upon request, for a sum of $10.

Poker IQ Test - DonkeyTest 

Poker IQ Test - DonkeyTest - Diploma

Give it a go and feel free to provide us with your thoughts and results!