The Porsche Superyacht

In 2008, when Porsche first released its secret blueprints for the catamaran-like superyacht, they were not taken that seriously by the public, with most saying it would never get built. We don’t know what the odds would have looked like at betting offices for ever seeing the yacht on water rather than paper, but now it’s clear it is not just a fancy drawing. All speculations were crushed when spy photos of the luxury superyacht appeared in Superyacht Times.

Porsche Yacht

Porsche has been developing this yacht with the collaboration of Singaporian Royal Falcon Fleet, and the yacht that will be available for purchase will look very similar to the concept design. The 41.15 meter long catamaran looks almost complete with the final luxurious touches being added in Sweden.

The yacht will be powered by two 16V engines, each being able to produce 4,600 HP and will be able to push the yacht at the maximum speed of 35 knots. Thanks to its multiple decks, there will be 472 interior square metres to get around and 208 square metres to play outside. The ship will also be able to cater and accomodate the whole family including uncles and aunts with a total of 20 people able to stay comfortably on the boat.

Rumors estimate the cost of the yacht to be somewhere around 55 million US dollars. If this fits your budget, you still need to consider its running costs. To take your new luxury Porsche boat for a Sunday cruise, you’ll first need to tow it to the local petrol station and fill the 50,000 liter tank with diesel. At a cost of 80 cents per liter for diesel, to fill the tank will cost a cool $40,000 USD and will give you a cruising time of 66 hours. This means that the fun of sailing the high seas will affect your wallet by taking $606 out of your backpocket every hour.

Porsche Yacht


Porsche Yacht - Inside

Porsche Catamaran