Rhode Island to legalize online gambling?

The state could be the fifth to legalize online betting - after New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

Senate Finance Chairman, William Conley told wpri.com in an interview that he thinks there is a good chance the Supreme Court would rule in favour of the legalization of the activity.
As we reported earlier, New Jersey has a case before the Supreme Court, which would make it legal for operators to offer real money games in the state. If it gets through, it could make a precedent and could be a huge step forward to an internal global market.

Lets hope he's right

"I do think that senate president thinks this is something that we should look at seriously and it will bring in revenue." - said Mr Conley.

Even though Rhode Island has only one million people, which is a small market by itself, if they could join a shared player pool the five states would create a 27 million pool altogether. In addition to RI, Michigan, West Virginia, New York and Massachusetts are also considering legalizing real-money online gambling.

Currently, the rules are based on a 1992 constitutional law which banned sports betting nationwide. Once someone wins a case which goes against this law, the procedure could speed up. Do you think there is a chance we could see US players in the global online poker player pools or is it only a hopeless dream? Let us know what you think in the comments!