Rosenkrantz and Caby to Make a Documentary About the Online Poker Boom

High stakes pro Jay Rosenkrantz announced yesterday on his blog that he is about to collaborate with Taylor Caby and Ryan Firpo, making a "definitive feature length documentary about the online poker boom". Now this sounds interesting.


"Our goal: to use key events to chronicle the evolution of online poker and examine its impact on the lives of a handful of online poker players from around the world. We’ll be exploring the nuances of the subculture, from 2p2 to poker training sites, along with the psychological implications of the online poker lifestyle and the themes that have made poker so popular throughout time.  We are getting ambitious — it’s going to be a film about the pursuit of true freedom through the highs and lows of professional gambling, and the rare opportunity awarded to a generation of poker players: the opportunity to actually achieve it."  - Writes Rosenkrantz in his blog post.

Jay Rosenkrantz

The project is in the early stages, they are still raising funds, which Rosenkranzt says goes very well, lots of high-stakes poker pros and "leaders within the poker community" are sponsoring the documentary.

taylor caby
Taylor Caby

All the makers have a strong connection to online poker, here's a little info on who they are:

  • Jay Rosenkrantz is a high-stakes cash game pro who plays as 'pr1nnyraid' on Full Tilt Poker and 'purplEuros' on PokerStars. He is one of the founders of, a popular poker coaching site.
  • Taylor Caby became famous under the name 'Green Plastic' on Ultimatebet, now he's one of the owners of and a Pro at Full Tilt Poker.
  • The third maker will be the filmmaker Ryan Firpo, who has produced the popular From Busto to Robusto series.

I personally await this documentary very much, I can't really imagine it won't rock really hard. And the best of all in my opinion, as I already said, many poker pros sponsor this project, so all the players who lost some money to them can feel they donated to this awesome documentary on online poker. How cool is that?