Roy Winston Challenges Negreanu’s Arguments - The Sunglass-Scandal Continues

Daniel Negreanu’s blog post concerning wearing sunglasses at the poker tables is raising more and more controversy. The Canadian player would be happy to have shades banned from the tables, while other players find this ridiculous.

The topic that shades have a bad effect on poker was first raised in the GSN show High Stakes Poker. Later on, Daniel Negreanu has paraphrased several times why he thinks sunglasses should be banned.


The blog post ended up generating a huge debate, with Negreanu’s opinion being discussed on several online forums. It seems that the idea of banning shades divides the poker society. The latest to comment on the issue was the winner of the 2007 WPT Borgata Winter Open and Full Tilt Pro Roy Winston, who finds Negreanu’s idea completely outrageous.

Dolye Brunson also shares Negreanu’s view on the topic and has made several comments in his blog, stating that shades do have a bad effect on the direction the poker community is headed. He has also stated that during the past 20 years, he has been struggling against the excessive use of sunglasses in poker.

Final Hand of WSOP 2004 - Greg Raymer vs David Williams:

What do you think about this? Does a player wearing sunglasses really have an advantage over his opponents in a live game?