Tag Heuer Introduces the First Night Vision Sunglasses

Tag Heuer, well-known for their beautiful wrist watches, has now come up with something unprecedented: the Squadra Night Vision Sunglasses.

Tag Heuer

The lenses have been designed mainly for 24-hour-long car races, this is what, for example, Peugeot drivers were wearing at the Le Mans 24-hour-race.

These sunglasses have a titanium body and big contrast lenses, being the first sunglasses in the world that are capable of making up for late night myopia (this is when, at night, our eyes progressively lose focusing capability when staring in the darkness for a long time).

According to Tag Heuer, night contrast is much more easily distinguishable with these glasses and our eyes do not get tired trying to focus.

So, basically, the main goal of these glasses is to provide perfect night vision for drivers, but I am pretty sure that we will see it on hardcore party people in no time.

Will the poker pros in Las Vegas run around in these in a few months? It is possible, also considering that the brand and price tag also add prestige to these sunglasses: at the moment, they cost 450 bucks.