Top 10 Poker Books

The following list consists of arguably the best books on poker available on the market. I encourage you to challenge my list, and suggest something else if you have another favourite; nevertheless, keep in mind that these discuss the theoretical foundations of the game, in most cases especially for beginners.

My list is as follows:

10. Hansen, Gus: Every Hand Revealed
This is rather a entertaining one, revealing his way of thinking during the different hands of a tournament. It admittedly made play more difficult for Hansen for a while as many of his adversaries took advantage of this knowledge against him.


9. Reuben, Stewart – Ciaffone, Bob: Pot-Limit & No-Limit Poker
Novice players can make good use of this book from the two experienced live poker players.


8. Reuben, Stewart: How Good Is Your Pot-Limit Hold’em?
This 2004 book allows us to catch a glimpse of some of the most interesting hands Reuben played, mostly at the Victoria Casino (London), the Rainbow (Birmingham) and in Vegas.


7. Sklansky, David: Tournament Poker for Advanced Players
Sklansky’s thoughts on tournament poker, for those experienced in the game.


6. Miller, Ed et al.: Small Stakes Hold’em
Although basically written on Fixed Limit Hold’em, it is definitely worth reading for NLHE players as well.


5. Brunson, Doyle: Super System 2 – A Course in Power Poker
First published in 1979, it was in printed form what the first coverage was on TV for poker. It gave the game a push and, revised and re-published in 2004, it is basically what you’d call a ‘Poker Bible’.


4. Greenstein, Barry: Ace on the River
How does a poker pro live? What is their lifestyle like? How important is the correct attitude and psychology? Well, Barry Greenstein tells us.


3. Harrington, Dan – Robertie, Bill: Harrington on Hold’em Vol. II: The Endgame
How to play when we are far more than 100 BBs deep?


2. Harrington, Dan – Robertie, Bill: Harrington on Hold’em Vol. I: Strategic Play
Despite written for tournament players above all, I believe there is much cash game players can learn from it, too.


1. Sklansky, David: The Theory of Poker
Probably one of the hardest to digest and full of examples coming from Fixed Limit Hold’em, Omaha and Five Card Draw, rather than the NLHE which is so popular nowadays, it is nevertheless the most useful book on poker from which you can truly understand the basics of the game.