Watch Out Lady Gaga! Christopher Walken Could Be the Next Poker Face

Success came to Lady Gaga with the popular single Pokerface, which dominated the music charts around the globe for weeks at end. Lady Gaga, well-known for her controversial clothing, make-up, attitude and the debate over her gender, is also, under all this, a talented musician.

This day and age, where we have computers and other electronic tools to help us improve our lifestyles, our voices and even our music, it is very easy for artists to put together catchy tunes and pop songs, even if the lyrics or the singer’s voice is pretty ordinary. This was clearly demonstrated, when Christopher Walken went on the BBC show 'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross' and read out the lyrics of Lady Gaga’s hit single Pokerface.

This is a hilarious video, and shows us how easy it is to fool the public with some basic poker-related terms and a catchy beat.

What are your thoughts on this video? Do you think Lady Gaga is really a talented singer or is just a puppet of Interscope Records’ marketing management?